Are colored adjusting knobs available?

At this time, we have a limited number of colored switches available. If you would like to hear about the availability, please call or email.

Will these levers void my warranty? 

No. Although some Harley dealers will try and get out of paying a warranty claim by stating aftermarket parts caused the damage, this is simply not true. The powertrain warranty contains no language regarding the changing of levers, accessories or any other item not related to the powertrain. If a dealer has attempted to persuade you to pay out of pocket for a claim, please read your warranty agreement. We have DOZENS of authorized H-D dealers that stock our levers and stand behind them. Some service writers are simply told to avoid paying a warranty claim. Legally, they cannot do this.

Why won't my bike start in gear?

This is a safety feature and is by design. This is a symptom that will be found on every adjustable/reduced reach lever available for Harley-Davidsons. Although your clutch is disengaged when you pull your lever in, your clutch plates will still be very close together. The fluid moving through your primary will cause your clutch to spin on start-up resulting in a lurch. In some cases, this lurch can be dramatic as well as dangerous. Although you may find this frustrating at first, we have found that 99% of our customers value the comfort of their hand over the VERY OCCASIONAL need to start in gear. If this is a concern, adjustable or reduced reach levers may not be for you.

How many adjustments are there?

Oberon levers have 8 positions of adjustment. Of the 8, we find that number 5 is typically the most similar to the distance between the lever and the drip on stock levers. With that said, even in position 5, the Oberon lever lends itself to a more comfortable pull due to the shape of the lever. We recommend riding in position 3 or 4 for most riding. 1 or 2 will not damage your clutch however, you may not like the way it shifts. These settings should be reserved for heavy traffic/stop and go.

Are the other Oberon blade designs available?

They are, however, there may be a lead time as these are not stock items. Although there is a lead time, the benefit to ordering through us vs Oberon directly, you will save money on shipping and duties. Furthermore, if you need to return for any reason, you're not on the hook for return shipping all the way back to the UK.

Are these levers available for Polaris models?

Unfortunately, we do not make levers for Indian's, Victory's or metric cruisers. OUR LEVERS WILL NOT WORK ON ANY BIKE THEY ARE NOT DESIGNED FOR

Will I receive a replacement if my package is stolen after being delivered? 

Hogleverage is not responsible for packages once they have left our facility. If the package is lost or damaged during transport, we will file a claim with the carrier and 99% of the time, these claims are approved and paid out. In this case, replacement orders are sent out after the claim is approved. For packages with a proof of delivery that were stolen afterwards, we will file a claim but the carrier will likely not pay a claim when both Hogleverage and the carrier fulfilled their contractual obligation. If theft is a concern, we recommend having the package sent to your business or asking the carrier to hold it at their facility after you’ve received tracking. 

How will my order be shipped?

Your order will be shipped UPS ground. Once a shipping label has been created for your order, no retroactive shipping discounts will be made. Expedited shipping is available at an extra charge.